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'Ph.D.' - An asset in the industry

In this innovation hungry world, the industries are always looking for people who possess the right skills and talent to develop innovative ideas. A person who has undergone extensive training routine is the right talent. That person is none other than a Ph.D. holder.

But, in many cases, we, the doctorate (Ph.D.) holders feel let down by the fact that there are not many opportunities in the industry. Unfortunately, many of us miss the fact that the expertise and competences we offer are not even comparable to several others who do not hold a Ph.D. We are not just good at research. We can get into different roles in the industry. We must take advantage of the title which we have earned through hard work, persistence, and dedication.

This workshop is intended to:

- Motivate my fellow Ph.D. holders to make them aware of what they already know and what they are already good at.

- Motivate the indecisive MSc. holders to undergo doctoral training,

This workshop points out the different roles which a 'Dr.' can play, the direction in which a 'Dr.' can walk and the platforms which a 'Dr.' can utilize to find a suitable position in an industry. We are at an advantage more than ever!

Deze workshop wordt aangeboden door  Sameera Naib van HDM Pipelines

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